Risk Management

Providing a safe working environment for our associates is our first priority and the driver for our Safety Management Systems.

These systems include, Safety Policy Processes, Safety Management Systems Audit, Behavioral Based Safety, and Occupational Health to exceed standard regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Did You Know?

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked for new business opportunities is “Can you describe your safety program?”


We take associate safety seriously and employ continuous improvement methodologies, in conjunction with our Americold Operating System
 standards, to constantly enhance our safe working environment.

Safety Policy Processes

Through our centralized Safety Management group, we define expectations for our facilities and drive best practice guidance to keep our associates safe.  Our processes engage our associates to ensure a personal interest in maintaining a culture of safety.  Safety is no accident.

Safety Management Systems Audit

Our audit is a screening tool that we utilize to validate the implementation and execution of our safety policy processes at our facilities.  Comprehensive results ensure a network-wide standard of safety in what is a physically demanding environment.

Behavioral Based Safety

Dr. Aubrey Daniels, the world’s preeminent behavioral scientist said, “Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) is about identifying barriers to safe behavior and designing and implementing a strategy for ensuring that the work environment, practices, and policies support behaving safely.” Dr. Daniels boils it down to three simple elements:   


Observing normal behaviors in the workplace that tend to be accident prone (e.g. driving a forklift too fast, or not walking in the safety path)  


With a positive approach, confronting poor behaviors immediately and in a positive tone, leader to leader, leader to associate, associate to leader, and associate to associate, and bringing immediate awareness


When safe behaviors are observed, providing immediate, positive feedback, such as ‘thank you,’ or ‘great job’ to encourage a repeat of positive behaviors

We agree with Dr. Daniels.

Americold has adopted the behavior base safety principles for our associates.  Our program ensures one in six warehouse associates will be observed for safe behaviors during their weekly tasks.

Occupational Health

At Americold, Occupational Health is advocating our associate wellbeing for each valued member of our family.  This program touches new hire processes, return to work programs, workers compensation management, and regulatory compliance to promote job satisfaction and productivity, and to further enhance morale.

Process Safety Management (PSM)

PSM is an integral part of our safety management system to ensure compliance with OSHA and EPA regulations.  We have implemented Ammonia Process Safety Management (APSM,) a software repository for all associated PSM documents that allows us to monitor and track real time reporting for the management of our ammonia systems.

Our Results

We have 21 sites with more than 5 years of accident-free operations, and 5 with more than 10 years of safe operations! These are significant achievements for our industry.

So What Do These Actions Mean For You?

Efficient and effective operations in a safe and productive working environment result in significantly less waste of resources, personnel and time, and keeps morale high. Spending the energy upfront to ensure focus is on the right way to do things avoids lost work days due to injuries and the expenses and time associated with bringing in and training temporary staff.