Engineering and Supply Chain Solutions

Supply chain innovation is a key differentiator for Americold. Design. Build. Operate.

Our dedicated Supply Chain Solutions team, in partnership with state-of-the-art engineering resources, has significant bandwidth in order to fully review any temperature-controlled supply chain challenge you may have:

  • Conventional warehousing vs. automated systems or multiple technology applications
  • Regional distribution vs. centralized hub and spoke networks
  • Customer-dedicated vs. public refrigerated network resources
  • New builds vs. brown field/retrofits

  • Ammonia/CO2 vs. Freon vs. centralized or packaged/split ammonia refrigeration systems
  • Value-added service evaluations from repack/labeling, cross-docking, pick path productivity analysis, slotting and sequencing effectiveness and wave planning
  • Store impact based on service levels, labor, reorder windows etc.

We’ll produce proposals for you that offer board-ready in-depth analysis for the pros and cons of our recommended options, including: cost per case, P&L modeling, transportation implications, and future vs. current comparisons, positioning you to make the best decision for your network and growth plans.

You can move-in to one of our current facilities or allow us to propose an innovative new design that will include the best refrigeration systems and product handling processes for your intended application.

Beyond conventional warehouse proposals, our Design, Build, Operate philosophy can incorporate options for plant-advantaged, customer-dedicated, forward-mixing centers or public warehouse setups.  How about a retail case-pick distribution center or even an e-commerce/dot com fulfillment facility?  It's possible with Americold.

We will assess quick-freeze and blast capabilities, rack design and aisle widths, rail and truck dock access, and automation for repeated processes including pallet handling, case handling and even broken-case process needs.

With in-house computer-aided design (ACAD), rendering capabilities and 3D modeling simulations, you can even walk through concepts to review performance under peak and bottleneck scenarios.

We work with every major equipment supplier to ensure the most creative ideas and best pricing to suit your needs.  

From evaluation through to fully operating, managed or turn-key solutions for you - we have the knowledge, expertise and experience of developing similar projects in our history and we are ready to work with you to advance your supply chain network.

Where are you in the supply chain?

Where are you in the supply chain?

As we move forward we’ll introduce our Project Management Office to coordinate business launches with top quality project management methodologies, tollgates, and toolsets for your onboarding and smooth ramp-up.

Would you like to see a time-lapse video of the construction of our customer-oriented Indianapolis facility?